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Import and Export Company in Ethiopia

Illu Import Export is an importer and exporter of wide variety of products

Who We Are

Illu Import Export, founded in 2011, is an Ethiopian Importer and Exporter, specialized in the field Medical Equipment, FMCG and many more. Illu’s focus is on quality, which is why we only select, import and sell the best brand of each specific product we carry. Illu only imports and Exports brands of the highest quality from recognizable producers which we can stand behind with pride.


Countries Served

Best quality
Our stringent policies make sure that food handling and trading is in accordance with international quality standards.
Global Presence
Even if you are planning to export across multiple continents, we’ve got you covered. Our global presence will allow your products to be exported to various countries.
International Business Opportunities
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What We Offer For You

our complete services will ensure that you face absolutely no difficulties in the process

With over 80 percent of Ethiopia’s workforce involved in the agriculture sector, the country is one of the leading agriculture exporters.
Any export product manufactured in Ethiopia goes through quality assurance tests and certifications to ensure that they are of high quality.
Cheap labour and raw materials allow Ethiopia to produce spices, oils, and other food products at great affordable rates.
Ethiopia is the one of the most known producer of spices. The country boasts of a huge variety of spices providing a great range of flavour
Ethiopia’s technological advancements and innovation are increasing in the production sector, Which have made international trade all the easier, making it the perfect choice.
The diverse Ethiopian cultures are the reason behind the diversified products available. With each region of the country possessing its own blend and flavor.

Our Import Pillars

Illu Import & Export has years of experience and ensures the goods sail smoothly through the Customs process, which can be fraught with delays and frustrations for the uninitiated.

Providing best import & export solutions

Breakbulk and Transloading

Provide Breakbulk and Transloading from one country to another

Consular Legalization

Provide Consular Legalization, which is required by different nations

Warehousing Storage

Warehousing Storage and Distribution with bonded and non-bonded facilities

Letters of Credit

Provide Letters of Credit and related documentation of  export services

Our Export Pillars

Green Bean Coffee
Oil Seeds

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Countries Served

We serve on more than 20 countries world wide
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We provide more than 18 High quality Products for the export market

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Years Experience


We have more than 10 years of professional experience in the industry

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What our clients say about us

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our clients have to say. We are happy to provide you with client references upon request.

Rahel Mekonnen

GM, ABC Company

The Illu Import Export team has been awesome! They are my go-to resource for export questions and they never fail to provide the necessary information
Robel Solomon

Supervisor, XYZ Company

We have taken excellent care in reclassifying all of our units. We are very pleased with Illu Import Export, and would highly recommend you in the future