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Illu Import Coffee commits to responsibly source 100% of coffee

Illu Import Coffee Company has pledged to responsibly source 100 per cent of its coffee and tea by 2025. This move supports the company’s foundational sustainability strategy and overarching commitment…

Ethiopia’s Forest Coffee guide

Ethiopia is famous for being the ‘birthplace of coffee’, and it has a reputation for quality that lives up to its lineage. Despite this reverence for Ethiopian coffee, TechnoServe Global…

Ethiopian Coffee Culture

Ethiopia is considered to be the birthplace of the coffee plant and of coffee culture. It is thought that coffee was discovered in Ethiopia as long ago as the ninth…

The Coffee Ritual: Ethiopia’s Jebena Buna Ceremony

Coffee isn’t just Ethiopia’s national drink. It is had throughout the day but neverconsumed alone. Unlike in cities like New York, London and LA where ‘coffee-to-go’is almost a norm these…

The process of Harvesting | Ethiopia

Coffee is an important export commodity for Ethiopia, contributing 41% of the country’s total foreign exchange earnings and about 10% of the gross domestic product. Over 25% of the population…

Starbucks will exit Russia after
15 years, closing 130 licensed

Starbucks has announced plans to eliminate its business and brand from the Russianmarket as the country’s war in Ukraine carries on. The move affects the approximately 130 Starbucks locations in…