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    A Candid Establishment
    that Lasts for Generations
    in the Heart of Ethiopia

We have the best experienced team of multilingual professionals from the business industry ready at your service. 

We are a trusted, reliable, and well-placed company with the Gateway location in the region. 

We offer honest and transparent services to our clients and provide the best assistance. 

Any export product manufactured in Ethiopia goes through quality assurance tests and certifications.

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Why Ethiopian

For hundreds of years, Ethiopia has generously provided some of the world’s best-reviewed single-origin premium coffee beans. In general, Ethiopian coffees are best known for their complexity with a pungent, winey quality. Coffee from Ethiopia is distinguished for its bright fruited and floral flavors. These coffees typically have a higher acidity, light to medium body and complex flavor.

We understand coffee

We have staffs that possess deep knowledge of coffee, Ethiopian coffee in particular. This deep knowledge is grounded in an equally deep passion for coffee and cumulative experience in the field of coffee spanning decades.


Coffee Sources

Our well crafted coffee

  • Why Ethiopian Coffee


    Ethiopia is widely considered the birthplace of coffee.
    Ethiopia is highly respected in the specialty coffee industry.
    Beans from this nation remain a staple on coffee shop menus around the world.

  • Why Ethiopian Coffee


    If you’re a coffee-lover, you’ve got to eagerly try Ethiopian coffee.
    The premium coffees are best known for their complexity
    with a pungent, winey quality and a distinct wildness in their acidity.

  • Why Ethiopian Coffee

    Peculiar Flavor

    Ethiopian coffee flavor is inimitable, sensitive and delicate;
    from Ethiopian coffee, one can sense notes of jasmine flower,
    bergamot and blueberry in the aftertaste.

  • Why Ethiopian Coffee

    Arabica Variety

    In coffee, most landrace varieties originate from the forests of
    Ethiopia, where C. Arabica evolved, through a process of
    human-led domestication.

  • Why Ethiopian Coffee

    Growing Altitude

    The ideal higher elevations in Ethiopia properly certify all of
    the green coffee to be labeled as Strictly High Grown.
    Graciously allowing for more valuable nutrients to
    be delivered to the coffee beans.

  • Why Ethiopian Coffee

    Milling Process

    Ethiopia has both washed and sun-dried processed natural
    coffees. Coffee properly processing involves removing the skin,
    pulp, and parchment from the outer layers of the
    coffee cherry, to reveal the green coffee bean.

  • Why Ethiopian Coffee

    Tradition & Heritage

    Coffee is not only a popular crop in Ethiopia,
    but it is furthermore an essential part of the
    unique culture. So much so, that they created a daily event
    recognized as the Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony.


Our coffee specialty market is all about traceable products with consistent production and excellent quality.

Out Growers

In the birthplace of coffee, our farmers are adopting new practices to positively enhance a way of life that’s been passed down for generations.


We are certified coffee exporters who take one or more aspects of sustainability into account.


We can assure you that our coffee presents exceptional aromas, complex flavors, and unique qualities.

Single Origin Product

Ethiopian coffee is usually produced in a sustainable way, and our coffees are a single product.

Our Farm

We have organic farms in the most coffee producing specific regions in Ethiopia.

Our Guarantee for the Best Quality Coffee

We guarantee our customers a supply of the finest coffee from Ethiopia, our coffee is grown on fertile soils, carefully tended, harvested and stored to ensure only the best quality end product!
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Bisrat TenkrBisrat Tenkr
07:35 15 Nov 23
barkot eshetubarkot eshetu
08:50 14 Nov 23
Thank you for your services.
Mickyas HabteMickyas Habte
11:03 13 Nov 23
From the moment I stepped into Illu Import Export, I was blown away by the exceptional service and the diverse range of high-quality products they offer. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in every interaction.The staff members are not just knowledgeable, but they are also incredibly friendly and helpful. They took the time to understand my needs and provided personalized recommendations that were spot on. Their expertise in import and export products is unparalleled, and it was a pleasure to learn from them.The product quality is outstanding. Each item I purchased was of superior craftsmanship and exceeded my expectations. It's evident that Illu Import Export takes great care in selecting their products, ensuring they offer only the best to their customers.Finally, the efficiency of their service deserves a special mention. The process was smooth, and my items were carefully packaged. Even after the sale, their customer support was impressive, offering swift and helpful responses to my inquiries.I wholeheartedly recommend them and look forward to my next purchase!
matthias masreshamatthias masresha
10:53 13 Nov 23
Kirubel AkaluKirubel Akalu
10:39 13 Nov 23
Thank You for supplying us a quality coffee at a short notice. Great Team
Lo zaLo za
07:17 20 Aug 22
High quality and there customer service is amazing it is one of the greatest coffee exports I'm Ethiopia I would recommend
Hussien MohammedHussien Mohammed
08:03 17 Aug 22
Excellent service!Illu Import Export have been very honest, helpful, professional, reliable, and courteous.

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